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Restaurant, Hotel, Shops & more


Gasthof History

Gasthof Amish Village opened in 1988 when Dr. Richard Graber of Paoli, Indiana first built the restaurant on the property that was originally a working farm.  Dr. Graber's heritage can be traced back to Old Order Amish in the area, and his desire to preserve his heritage, combined with a strong sense of community, resulted in one of the most unique restaurants in America.  The restaurant building was constructed in traditional Amish style and built by local Amish craftsmen.

A hotel was added in 1997, and additional buildings and shops were added as well to keep the Amish tradition alive and provide the community a place to sell antiques, crafts, and homemade items.  Jerry Fuhs bought the property in 2000 after the passing of Dr. Graber.  The property boasts some 92 acres, a 25 acre lake, a hotel, restaurant, Amish barn, group & wedding spaces, and antique & craft shops.  The Fuhs family has preserved the original vision of keeping the Amish heritage alive and well!


Amish history is alive and well in the growing Amish community of Daviess County, IN.  Theirs is a story of tradition and faith; of family and time-honored values, with roots running deep into the very soil that sustains them.  Eli Wagler, an Amish preacher in Daviess County, says, "We believe in a simple life; we have little use for the modern technology and conveniences used outside of our community."  According to Wagler, ancestors of Daviess County's original Amish settlers came from Canada in 1869 to settle just north of Montgomery."

Amish History

A 20 square mile area is now home to some 7,000 Amish people living a mostly Old Order Amish life. Names like Stoll, Graber, and Wagler are common in the community and they can trace their ancestors back to France, Switzerland, and other areas of Europe in the 19th century.  Family is the bedrock of Amish life, and skills like quilting, farming, cooking, and woodworking are passed on from one generation to the next.  For information on an Amish Community tour, contact us at


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