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Gasth​of History

Gasthof Amish Village opened in 1988 when Dr. Richard Graber of Paoli, Indiana first built the restaurant. Dr. Graber's heritage can be traced back to Old Order Amish in the area, and his desire to preserve his heritage, combined with a strong sense of community, resulted in one of the most unique restaurants in Southern Indiana.

The property was originally a working farm, bordered by a coal mine to the north and the town of Montgomery to the south. The original restaurant building was constructed in traditional Amish style and was built by local Amish craftsmen; a hotel was added in 1997. In time, other buildings were added to keep the Amish tradition alive and provide the local Amish community a place to sell most any kind of seasonal produce, along with furniture, crafts, and quilts.

After the passing of Dr. Graber, Southern Indiana entrepreneur Jerry Fuhs bought the property in 2000. Building on the established Amish tradition of Gasthof Amish Village, the Fuhs company, SIPOD began a restructuring effort which included an Amish barn raising, and employment of many local Amish workers preparing food in the restaurant using authentic Amish recipes.

Today, the property boasts some 92 acres including a 25 acre lake, a hotel, a restaurant and antiques and craft shops. The facility regularly hosts banquets, meetings, and retreats for a wide variety of groups including churches, government and businesses. A fall festival held each September features Amish-made and community crafts and demonstrations, outdoor cooking, and field harvesting using Amish equipment and tools.

The original vision of preserving the Amish heritage is alive and well at Gasthof Amish Village! Visit us soon, and experience the time-honored tradition of Amish – and Hoosier – hospitality.